Dr. Seyed M. Azmayesh

Dr. Azmayesh is a scholar and researcher in the fields of spirituality and Gnosticism. He studied Theology at the Sorbonne, History of Law at the Pantheon in Paris and comparative science of Islam and Christianity at the University of Lyon. He holds two doctorates as a result of his studies. After completing his academic career he continued his research in religions, philosophy and scientific subjects.

Dr. Azmayesh is not only a researcher but also a Gnostic. To be a Gnostic means to apply knowledge in practical ways; and to have practical experience concerning the subtle energy spheres. He is also a renowned Sufi master and a strong advocate for human rights globally, having spoken on a number of occasions at various United Nations human rights conferences. He has published numerous books such as: The teachings of a Sufi master, The Pearl of Sufism and Crucifixion: Fact or Fiction. He has been recognised by Watkins Mind and Spirit Magazine as one of the top 100 spiritually influential living people in the world.

As a teacher, his activities focus around the spiritual development of the individual human being, using the ancient method of heart meditation to enable students, step by step, to leave the desires of the Ego and lead an altruistic life, based on the principles of tolerance, love and humility. By helping an increasing number of ‘drops’ to return to the ‘Ocean’ of existence, his ultimate goal is to create a more cohesive and harmonious society, with respect towards the beauty of diversity and the importance of Human Rights.

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