Heart Meditation

An Introduction to Gnostic Heart Meditation

For centuries, mystics and sages have known about the wisdom the human heart holds, and methods to tap into this source have been passed from teacher to student. Heart Meditation is one such method. Some call it ‘the path of the heart’ or the ‘alchemy of inner silence’

In life, we’re often told to ‘listen to our heart’, but what does this truly mean? The teachings provided in our workshops and classes are geared toward understanding the incredible potential of the human heart and how to quieten our minds through the use of specific rhythms played on ancient Persian instruments, in order to meditate deeply on our heart beat.

Aside from the health benefits of becoming more heart connected, which can include lower stress levels and better sleep quality, the practitioner will also, over time, benefit from a deeper understanding of their true self and the source of their existence, enabling their spiritual evolution.

To learn more about the Heart Meditation technique, take a look at the book, or check the calendar.

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“Attending this workshop and subsequent classes has had a bigger impact on my life than anything previously. Essentially anyone with a heart and an open mind is able to benefit!”

“What struck me the most were the teachings and the answers about some of the existential questions that resonated with me – unusually well.”

“The heart meditation seminar has revealed a lot of ancient wisdom and I could get an even deeper level of understanding.”

“The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart”  – Rumi