Part 3 – Introducing Sufism & Gnosticism in a simplified language by Dr Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh. Being introduced to Sufism and Gnosticism; in the coming programs we aim to discuss and explore the area on Sufism and Gnosticism. The focus of this program is to identify in depth the discovery of the direct self. What does Self-discovery mean? Can different methods of psychology help us to recognise ourselves? In these programs Dr Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh will answer many fundamental questions on Self-discovery. The subject of this program will be to discuss in-depth about the extra sensorial perception and method used for the direct discovery of self. Hello. If we want to summarise the pervious sessions, we can say that Gnosticism is extra sensorial perception towards direct discovery of the entire existence. The question that is being raised, is how this kind of discovery will benefit the human kind, in order to understand themselves, their surrounding environments, and the universe? And how the outcome of this discovery differs from scientific discoveries and reasons why we should not limit ourselves only based on science alone?