Project Description

Introducing Sufism & Gnosticism in a simplified language by Dr Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh. In these programs we aim to discuss and explore the area on Sufism and Gnosticism. Questions answered in this program among other things are: What is the relationship between ‘Tasavouf’ and ‘Erfan’ and what is the worldview of Tasavouf and on what is it based? Is Tasavouf a method without any certain philosophical vision? Is the heart determinant in the daily life of a seeker and not the mind or should we say that in the matter of substantial evolution a seeker refers to his heart, but in the daily matters he relies on his intellect? Why is it that they call it Islamic Erfan if it has existed since the time of Adam? And what is the relationship between Islam and Tasavouf? Can Christians or Jews seeking spirituality, be considered as Sufis?