Project Description

In this darkness I lost my path, Rise from the darkness My shining star, Come out from this darkness and light my path. Darkness has taken over our world. This darkness is not only from car fumes or the pain of broken hearts… When we look around we see corruption, lies, deception, injustice, despotism, violence, anger, greed, theft, gluttony, destruction and abuse of human rights, All this has taken over our country (Iran) and has brought darkness into the Humanity has lost its meaning and common human values have disappeared. It is time for each one of us to become the light beam that breaks this darkness and creates a chain of light beams that gradually bring light and hope into our society. Iranian culture is infused with chivalry, knighthood, and assisting, and supporting of others. Let’s make a stand by stepping into the path of chivalry, and bring back the values of this type of culture; by making a promise to our own consciousness, that at least once a week we take responsibility to perform one good deed for another fellow citizen, without looking for reward in return, and then that citizen will in turn do another good deed for another of his fellow citizen’s in the same week. Each human being is like a light beam, and when it unites with others for the sake of humanity it becomes like a sun that shines full of human values which can then rise and light our world and remove the veil of darkness. I will share one human value with you: Shebli (one of the Great Sufi masters) once was carrying a bag of wheat on his shoulders After while when he reached his home, he opened the bag of wheat and saw an ant inside it . Than night he could not sleep from knowing that the ant was lost and had been removed from its home , so he took the bag of wheat back to where he bought it from and said: “It is not justice that this ant is separated from its home it must be returned to his home and fellow ants”.