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A wise man was asked: “What do you think of human life?” “Well…” he answered, “it seems to be full of pain and sorrow.” “Why do you say that?” the first man asked. “Because, when people come to this world their first act as a baby is to cry. And when they leave this world at the end of their life they also cry. And in the middle…they often cry too! So, life for most people seems to be endless crying in sorrow and pain.”

Pain and misfortune are part of life. We can’t avoid that. But sorrow, grief, and distress – emotions that have a negative connotation – are a choice we let happen inside of us. For as Gautama Buddha said: “Pain is real and inevitable. But your reaction is your choice.”

Heart Meditation is a method of achieving real inner peace, and silence by connecting our own soul to its origin. It is a path that is anchored in every spiritual tradition. However, inner silence doesn’t mean that life’s problems disappear. It simply means that a person becomes firmly anchored to their true origin. Therefore, you ride the waves of life instead of drowning in the turmoil.

A journey through consciousness

Heart Meditation is part of a syllabus of teachings from…


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